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Meet our Head Coaches - Camp BONA where Fun, hard work and growth meet!!!

Coach Mike showing off his fishing skills!

Coach Michael Mitchell


Coach Michael is a father and is married to his high school sweetheart (Patricia) for 26 years. Michael is the proud father of two, both children are currently attending college, his son Brandon (eagle scout) is at TAMU Corpus Christi and his daughter is at TAMU College Station. Michael has worked for over 10 years with one the largest commercial general contractors in the state. He leads an estimating team that works for clients primarily located in the Medical Center of Houston. They include UTHSC, MDACC, Memorial Hermann, Methodist, Baylor College of Medicine as well as Rice University and University of Houston. Michael is grounded in his community as president of his HOA since 2006 to present. His community involvement began in 2003 as he coached his son and daughters’ teams including baseball, softball, and basketball through the years.  Michael is an avid outdoors-man who was an assistant scout master with Troop 993 for 8 years. He has been engaged as a Coach for Camp BONA since the origin of camp in 2014 and is in charge of safety and meals. His passion for mentoring, camping and all things outdoors is vital towards the mission of Camp BONA and the safety of all involved. 


Coach Wayland Harrison

Coach Wayland believes  If better is possible, good is not enough.
"I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and it is my job to help people recognize that potential and use it for success."
Coach Wayland has coached and mentored in youth programs for over 15 years and served many years as the Athletic Director for the Competitive Edge Youth Foundation.
Strength Trainer at CoreSpeed Gym in Round Rock, Texas.
Former University of Texas Football player.
Former University of Texas Powerlifter. (Jr World Champion)
"I am looking forward to meeting new young minds at the BONA Summer Camp" 


Coach Patrick Ralph (Doc), DDS

Doc has been an essential factor in the development of the standards Camp BONA uses for leadership requirements for our summer camp students.  Doc Ralph believes that the quickest way to improve a community is to build more leaders to serve.  As a Lieutenant  Colonel in the USAF (Reserves), the father of 4 boys, and a practicing dentist (in his own practice) for over 20 years Doc Ralph has a great perspective on leadership.  We honored to have him in our program.

Our Amazing team leaders

Team Leader Javicz Jones


Coach Javicz Jones (JJ) - has a unique ability to physically and mentally push all campers to new levels.

Team Leader Nathan Cotton


Coach Nathan - Is our spiritual leader and reminds us that our spiritual strength is the most important muscle we flex.  He also reminds us to stay in physical and mental condition to serve others. 

Team Leader Jonathan Norris


Coach Jonathan is a personal trainer and father. He reminds us that passion is the fuel in the fire that drives us!

it takes a village

Brandon Shimmer - Ranch Expert


Coach Brandon - Creates clear and safe projects on the ranch.  The goal is task completion, nature preservation and team work.

Paul White - Camp Security


Coach Paul (Ret. Army) - Is on call in case campers decide that rules are not to be followed and have to return home.

Ana Valerio - Camp Nurse


Coach Ana - Makes sure all campers stay hydrated and is available for any medical issues.

Girls camp coming soon meet our leaders

Tammy Sabins


Coach Tammy is the single mother of 4 girls and now a grandmother.  She has over 30 years in the health and wellness industry..  Tammy brings experience, structure, and tenacity to the team. 

Britney Lee


Coach Britney - was a college softball player and is now a head High School softball coach.  Britney is also a wellness coach and fitness competitor.  Britney brings level of discipline to the team that make everyone better.

Allison Sabins


Coach Allison - was a college volleyball player and now her court of choice is corporate America.  Allison brings a great balance of athlete and executive to the team. 

Camp Objectives

1. Rectify functional movement

2. Develop proper technique on all sports specific weight training movements (including but not limited to Power Clean, Hang Clean, Dead Lifts, Squats, Bench, Dumbbell Snatch –lifts vary depending on sport and age)

3. Improve quickness and change of direction (footwork/body control)

4. Improve explosiveness

5. Increase flexibility

6. Educate athletes on proper nutrition and hydration

7. Develop common sense skills about injury prevention

8. Instill the mind and body connection

9. Showcase our athletes abilities in challenging events that promote strength, speed, explosiveness and teamwork

10. Instill DISCIPLINE.

11. Serve the community


Example schedule of a day at camp bona


Up and AT-EM!

 7:00 am Workout

 8:30 am Daily Vision Huddle 

Fuel Up - Clean Up - Gear Up

8:45 am Shower and Breakfast

Ranch Work Makes the Back Strong and Builds Mental Toughness

 10:00 am Work detail 

Fuel the Body and The Mind

1 pm Lunch/Leadership Huddle 

Work Hard - Play Hard

2:30 pm Outdoor activities or Community Service

 5:00 pm Speed/agility/Core/Flexibility

Fuel Up - Deep Thoughts - and Hard Rest

7:30 pm Dinner/ entertainment 

9:00 pm Huddle/Book Review

10:30 pm Lights out


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