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The purpose of the B.O.N.A. Foundation is to use fitness, nutrition and fun through scholarship and exhibition, to show how life long good health takes knowledge, planning, teamwork and compassion. 

Our Mission


  The mission of the B.O.N.A. Foundation is to provide an opportunity for young people throughout the United States to improve their health and self-esteem through weight loss, regardless of previous family background, race or gender. It is our purpose to fund, educate, provide scholarships and facilitate programs that will allow students to lower their Body Mass Index (BMI) below 22, while fostering positive growth in social behaviors and attitudes. All stake holders of the B.O.N.A. Foundation pledge themselves to the outcome of these students through dedication and demonstration of a healthier and altruistic society. 

Our Founders



The B.O.N.A. Foundation was founded by Keith Tobias Scruggs and Richard Armstrong in September 2009. Keith was an over weight adolescent. He weighed 133lbs in the 3rd grade, 190 in the 7th, and then grew four inches and lost 20 lbs in the 8th. This weight loss was due to the meanest football coach in the world (or so it seemed), Coach Ray McGowan (RIP). Coach McGowan’s philosophy was no sugar during football season.  In the year that the weight came off, and seeing how everyone’s attitude toward him changed, he developed an ever burning passion for good health and fitness.    

Throughout the years, Keith has won various drug-free Power Lifting and Body Building Contests. The peak in his career came at Texas Tech University when he became the ADFPA (American Drug Free Power Lifting Association – Now USA Power Lifting) Collegiate National Champion. He held the 198lb Dead Lift Record with a lift of 650lbs for over 5 years. This record secured his place as a lifter in the elite BONA Power Lifting Team that included Larry Bolden, Derek Jenkins, Eric Fomby, and Coaches Jan Todd and Terry Todd (RIP) of the University of Texas. Keith later coined the secret acronym BONA into Building On Natural Ability.

It was during that time at Texas Tech that Keith developed the hobby of helping others with their fitness journey. He was the President of the Body Building and Power Lifting Club, and became certified as a personal trainer. His passion for good health was contagious and quickly spread to others. 

In 2000, Keith left his career as an engineer to pursue his fitness interests full time creating BONA Industries, which has developed into BONA Fitness and BONA Wellness  Keith has spent countless hours helping clients in many different aspects of their fitness. These clients include everyone from young people and house wives, to professional athletes and corporate wellness programs. He was also the host of the Keith Tobias – Healthy Investor Radio Show for several years on Business Radio 650 AM in Houston, TX. 

Richard was an overweight child, weighing 200 pounds in 5th grade and in Weight Watchers. Weight continued to be an issue through Junior High and High School, topping out at 300 pounds at High School graduation. There was no real single issue in Richard’s life that contributed to weight gain, just a combination of eating too much of the wrong foods and being inactive.

Richard attended Texas A&M in 1992 and realized that being in shape was going to have a direct impact on how successful he was in life. He began modifying his eating, adding exercise and making a conscious effort to lose weight. By the end of his sophomore year, Richard had lost 100 pounds and became addicted to health and wellness. He continues to stay in shape with constant dedication to nutrition and exercise.

Richard is now currently the owner of Houston Metal Cutting. He has 5 children, so he has a vested interest and passion in making sure our youth and families are healthy and fit.  

Keith, Rich, and the entire BONA Team have a burning desire to help children and families get healthy. But can't do it alone.  We need your help.  $100 a day is what it cost to help get a student to camp.  Your donation will change a life!

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